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In the wise and poignant words of Lupita Nyongo 'there is room in this world for beauty to be diverse', and that is what Afro Hair in Fashion is about, exposing the different varieties of beauty, and spreading the word that beauty is not just one thing. A big reason why so many  black women find it hard to go natural is because natural afro textured hair is very often not portrayed as glamorous and classy, funky maybe, but  certainly not envy worthy. Whereas we are constantly fed images that tell us that long, silky golden hair is your ticket to timeless beauty.  

While the fashion and beauty industry have taken huge strides in the direction towards diversifying beauty, and opening up the industry to all hues, body shapes, and hair textures, there is still more that can be done. This is how a lot of us were socialized, and so it is no wonder today that 'going natural' doesn’t feel like the most natural thing to do.  In this gallery I aim to showcase the kind of pictures that I would have liked to see whilst paging through fashion magazines when I was a teen, I believe that it would have done so much for my own sense of identity.

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