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I feel like I have reached a point in my natural hair journey where it is time for a re-evaluation of my regimen. I did not anticipate that this was a necessary and inevitable part of the journey, but the natural hair journey is one of discovery, we are all in it together, and even those who we give advice (such as bloggers and vloggers) can only speak from a place of their own experience.

For the past couple of washes I decided to switch up my regular use of Tresseme Naturals shampoo for my little remaining bar of African Black Soap. Now, I am someone who likes to stick to what I know works for my hair, because I know too well how difficult it is to find something that my hair really responds positively to, however I found the bar in my cupboard and wondered why I had used it and simply tossed it aside. I think it is fair to say that African Black Soap is the ‘black’ horse of the SA natural scene, and once I found out what sets this soap

Let’s talk about Formation: the latest surprise song and video from Beyonce Knowles; a hot topic on social media for the last two weeks, and the most recent entry into the dialogue about black lives.

Faux locs made a BIG appearance in 2015, with celebrities like Ciara, Meagan Goode, Brandy, Zandaya Coleman, and Jhene Aiko wearing them funky in street style, and classy on the red carpet. For many it was seen as a great leap in bringing black hair into mainstream conversation, for instance: the Zendaya vs Giuliana Rancic (Fashion Police) incident, the fact that

Towards the end of last year I wrote an article about the epidemic amongst black women that is balding hairlines, and I got so many impassioned comments underneath the post that I knew I had to address it again. Though it is not exclusive to black women, it certainly is one of the biggest problems that black women share to do with their hair, mainly due to the hair practices that we employ, some examples of these are: tight braids, pony tails that pull unyieldingly on the hairline and scalp, these very tightly pulled intricate dreadlocks plaits, chemical relaxers, wrapping chemically straightened hair at night; and many others.