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Yenani Madikwa

I first saw Yenani Madikwa on Facebook, The Boss Models page had posted her new test photoshoot, and I loved her simple beauty. Of course being the natural hair enthusiast that I am, I knew I had to speak to her and find out a bit about her natural hair journey; and I am so glad I did, this has proven to be one of my favorite features yet!

Afro textured hair is the most unique hair texture of all, combine that with the fact that most of us are so uneducated about our hair, and it is inevitable that there be commonly held misconceptions about natural afro textured hair. Here I am debunking five common black hair myths that some, if not most, of us have held to be true at one time or another.

Image by Nychole Owens

One of the first jobs that I got as a model was a hair show for Morrocan Oil. Judge me if you will, but I did not know that Morrocan Oil was a hair brand; I also didn’t know what a ‘hair show’ was.

Did you know that the afro comb is not just a very handy tool for detangling and grooming your natural afro textured hair, but actually an African symbol dating as far back as Ancient Egypt, only to be revived again in the African American civil rights movement?